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Cloud technology has redefined the workspace and changed the way employees communicate with customers and colleagues. Voice over IP has been the driving factor behind the new generation of corporate communications.

Data and voice communications can be carried over a single IP network to reduce the expense associated with traditional telephone systems. It has truly taken PBX software solutions to the next level.

Backed by a geo-redundant network, 100% uptime and measurable voice quality, Momentum delivers a level of reliability unparalleled to other VoIP providers.

Momentum knows today’s communications are multifaceted and that it takes more than just a business VoIP phone to stay connected. That’s why Momentum offers a complete suite of Hosted IP PBX services to fit all of your business needs.

From web conferencing and virtual fax to call recording and unified messaging, top-notch communications tools are accessible and affordable with a switch to a Voice over IP network. Contact us to learn more about ours solutions and how our next-generation PBX software can enhance your communications.

Momentum offers a wide variety of business VoIP phone models. Browse here.